tracks your selected busi­ne­ss subjects and notifies you of any changes — whether it's just an extra dash in a com­pany's phone number or the final closure of its operations. 

More than 40 coun­tries, EU and beyond tracks busi­ne­ss subjects from over 40 EU and non-EU coun­tries, covering a 700 million market: from Porto in the west to Vla­di­vos­tok in the east and from Svalbard in the north to Israel in the south.

It's not limited to just VIES(VAT In­for­ma­ti­on Exchange System), but also uses services provided by coun­tries' own tax, customs and other financial/fiscal autho­ri­ties.

View data sources currently in use.

Fully automated

The system operates by verifying your busi­ne­ss partners' data auto­ma­ti­cally on a daily basis;  it will source in­for­ma­ti­on from offi­ci­al registries and other public internet services, check for any changes, up­date the central VATify database and notify you as necessary.

This saves time, money and frustrations:  no need for manual VIES checks and no more dealings with the tax office due to unrightfully deducted VAT.

See how it works.

Discrete, effective alerts only produces an alert when there was a change regarding a com­pany you are tracking.  All such alerts are combined into a sin­gle daily report that you rece­ive by email.

Every alert contains just the right in­for­ma­ti­on to in­stan­tly realize what has changed and about which com­pany. Of course, a link to the offi­ci­al source is also provided to help you manually verify com­pany in­for­ma­ti­on.

Here is an example of a daily report email.

Status reports (with spread­sheets)

To keep you informed, a status report is delivered to your inbox once every week.  Attached is a spread­sheet con­tai­ning all avai­la­ble data on com­pa­nies you are tracking.

Once registered, you can sign in at any time and re­quest an up-to-date status report to be sent to you imme­di­a­te­ly.

Download a sample status report (XLSX file).

No pass­words (or usernames)

Since processes only public data, there is no need for you to remember usernames, pass­words, secrets...  Your email address is your ID, and this is all that the system knows about you.

To sign in to the service, instead of using your username and pass­word, you will rece­ive an email con­tai­ning special links. Open them in your browser to perform the tasks needed (e.g. edit your sub­scrip­ti­on or up­date the list of com­pa­nies you are tracking).

Extra services for your special needs

Addi­ti­o­nal services are also avai­la­ble, such as SMS notifications or unlimited historical records for the com­pa­nies you are tracking.

Status reports can be sent in machine readable format(e.g. CSV or JSON)at a specified time of day. And you can get daily notifications by Fax.*  We will care to your needs and are open to your suggestions.

*Fax can be considered an outdated technology, but it does get everyone's attention when it starts making noise.

Constant improvements

New features are added when­ever we find a new source of publicly avai­la­ble data that can be processed auto­ma­ti­cally.  If you know of a good source or have any other ideas, please contact us.

We live in an interconnected world, drowning in all kinds of data, yet a lot of basic in­for­ma­ti­on is hard to come by.  It is scattered on vari­ous sites and databases at different organizations, agencies, ministries...  This is why we have tackled this challenge and devised a way to automate the processes of extracting this data from some very diverse public records, unifying it and use it for ourselves and our clients — but also offer it to others for a small fee.  The fee covers the costs of data acquisition, internal pro­ce­ssing and notification delivery through the most common media avai­la­ble today: email. is used by:

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