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Get com­pany data in a few minutes.  Free while we're beta testing!

Your email is your ID.  No usernames, pass­words or se­cu­ri­ty ques­ti­ons. Just enter the VAT numbers of busi­ne­sses you're interested in. Results arrive by email.

(max 30 com­pa­nies)

How does it work?

  • Imme­di­a­te­ly upon your re­quest, contacts vari­ous offi­ci­al autho­ri­ties and other data pro­vi­ders in search of current and up-to-date in­for­ma­ti­on about the com­pa­nies you specified.
  • Data re­trie­val and pro­ce­ss­ing takes some time;  you may have to wait a few minutes.
  • You rece­ive an email message con­tai­ning all of the avail­able in­for­ma­ti­on about your com­pa­nies as a MS Excel spread­sheet.

Note!  Express pro­ce­ss­ing time is limited and there may be addi­ti­o­nal data about some busi­ne­ss subjects in some coun­tries that only our stan­dard monitoring service is able to provide. See data sources for more in­for­ma­ti­on.

Before use, make sure you have read and agreed to our terms of service.

If you don't want to use your own list of VAT numbers (or don't have one at hand), here is a random list of com­pa­nies.