With the need to quickly verify a new supplier, buyer or busi­ne­ss partner, we separated the function of com­pany data re­trie­val into an independent Express.

Express verifies com­pany data in more than 40 coun­tries of Europe, and the results are shown in minutes.

Instant results Express is an independent service of the system. Again, there are no logins and pass­words, only an e-mail address is needed.

Com­pa­nies are verified in the same registers, the results are written to an Excel file (see an example of such report) and sent to you by e-mail.

Express will return the results as fast as po­ssi­ble, taking into account availability and response times of busi­ne­ss registers. During working hours, busi­ne­ss registers can be overloaded with re­quests, so the average data re­trie­val time is around 5 minutes.

To use Express, you will need a valid e-mail account to rece­ive reports and a program to read spread­sheets.

Upload the list of com­pa­nies (VAT IDs) you want to check, it will be anonymously verified with the lists of other users in different databases, de­pen­ding on the coun­try the VAT IDs are from.


A huge benefit is the ability to in­stan­tly verify com­pa­nies. You get an XSLX file with results you can keep for future reference or share with your co-workers. There are no logins and pass­words, just your e-mail.

But speed comes with a price:

  • the results can be stale — if a database starts updating every working day at 18:00 and you re­quest data at 17:59, the results will be one day old. With stan­dard, verification is done multiple times and results you get are always up to date.

  • Com­pa­nies are verified on demand, requiring faster servers with faster internet connections, resulting in higher price per verification.

  • There are no notifications sent if something changes. Express verification is a one-time verification, no historical records are kept, you have to keep them by yourself. Of course you can add verified VATIDs to your list of regular verification, if you are a subscriber to one of the stan­dard packages.

Pricing Express is avai­la­ble to regular subscribers, pre-paid customers and one-time visitors:

Detailed pricing and packages avai­la­ble here. can notify you by e-mail, SMS and Fax. Have some other idea? is used by:

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