Express pricing

With, you don't need to search trough multiple busi­ne­ss registers: just enter the VAT IDs you want checked and get com­pany data in minutes, for a much lower cost.

One-time users - promotional prices until the end of January 2022

One-time verification of your busi­ne­ss partners. No sub­scrip­ti­ons, sign-ups or input forms. In­stan­tly verify com­pa­nies from more than 40 coun­tries of Europe.

One-time verification

Instant com­pany verification.

One-time payment - verify up to 100 com­pa­nies for personal/occasional use: verify up to 100 com­pa­nies a year. Need more?

For one-time or occasional use, pay with credit card or PayPal and get results by e-mail in minutes.

Pre-paid plans

If you need to verify a few com­pa­nies every few days, the pre-paid plans are the thing for you. Buy a plan and use the paid verification for the next 90 days.

100 com­pany checks

Verify 100 com­pa­nies in the next 90 days.

500 com­pany checks

Verify 500 com­pa­nies in the next 90 days.

1000 com­pany checks

Verify 1000 com­pa­nies in the next 90 days.

Your co-workers need to verify com­pa­nies regularly? And they verify a lot of them? Enable access to more departments: choose the unlimited package and share access with others.

Unlimited com­pany checks - 30 day access

Use Express for 30 days without limitations. Share results with your co-workers or grant access for the whole department.

Unlimited com­pany checks - 90 day access

Use Express for 90 days without limitations. Share results with your co-workers or grant access for the whole department.

Subscribers to com­pany monitoring

Subscribers to com­pany monitoring service already have Express checks included in their package - from 30 to 10.000 checks per month.


Subscribe to com­pany monitoring service and get access to Express checks: 30, 100, 500 and more checks per month, in addition to daily com­pany monitoring. is much cheaper

Other pro­vi­ders of busi­ne­ss registers charge a fee of cca 300 EUR per year per coun­try to access one coun­try register, and you need one for every coun­try. But most of us don't need data on a few 100.000 com­pa­nies, we usually need access to a few 10 or 100. If you want to monitor 100 com­pa­nies in 8 coun­tries with the use of busi­ne­ss registers (eg. Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Great Britain), you would pay at least 2.500 EUR per year.

With, you only pay 1/10 of that price, using a unified system.

No plan suits your needs? Check out our special packages or tell us what you need! is used by:

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