Pricing for com­pany monitoring

With, you won't need multiple busi­ne­ss registers. It will auto­ma­ti­cally check com­pany data in more than 40 coun­tries of Europe, daily, for a much lower cost.

Please note, all prices are without VAT. By default, 22% VAT is charged.

Stan­dard plans and pricing

With daily verifications and prompt notifications. Express verifications included. verifies your VAT IDs daily and notifies you when a change occurs. Status report of VAT IDs can be re­quested at any time and the system will send you one once per week. Every sub­scrip­ti­ons comes with addi­ti­o­nal 30/100/500 Express verifications daily.

Starter plan for personal use. It can monitor up to 30 VAT IDs daily and is meant for tracking your employer, that new on-line store with low prices, your neighbor's start-up or contractors renovating your home.

Addi­ti­o­nal 30 Express verifications are added to your account daily.

Take a look at why you need to track you contractors

Small Busi­ne­ss and Freelancers for small busi­ne­ss and freelancers. It monitors up to 100 VAT IDs daily. It helps you monitor your busi­ne­ss partners and notifies you when unexpected changes occur.

Addi­ti­o­nal 100 Express verifications are added to your account daily.

Take a look at some examples of unexpected changes and the reasons for them

Accounting firms and big busi­ne­sses for accounting firms and com­pa­nies that what to monitor up to 500 VAT IDs daily. We know your clients never check VIES before issuing invoices, and we know they expect you to do it for them. With, you will save time, money and frustrations if a VAT ID is invalid. And you can notify your client and show that you really care.

Addi­ti­o­nal 500 Express verifications are added to your account daily.

Take a look at how automation can make your life easier for Accounting firms monitors up to 500 com­pa­nies a day. Need more?

Enterprises and Custom solutions

Pricing for large subscribers

If you want to monitor more than 500 VAT IDs per day, or have certain special needs, contact us and a custom solution will be found.

With larger numbers of monitored com­pa­nies, you can count on the help of your personal account manager.

Your re­quests will have priority and will be processed within 24 hours or the next busi­ne­ss day at the latest. Re­quests can be issued by multiple users and they can rece­ive alerts and reports. An API is avai­la­ble for further integration in your IT environment.

Take a look at how verifies over 200.000 VAT IDs and sends out notifications

Extend your plan and monitor more com­pa­nies:

  • Up to 1.000 VAT IDs for 79 EUR/month,

  • up to 2.500 VAT IDs for 149 EUR/month,

  • up to 5.000 VAT IDs for 249 EUR/month,

  • up to 10.000 VAT IDs for 349 EUR/month.

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Extra services

Historical data

Historical data can be kept for your list of VAT IDs. If you need to prove that a certain VAT ID was valid a at certain time in the past, just send an email with the required VAT ID and a spread­sheet with all avai­la­ble data will be exported for you.

Tick the box when signing up.

SMS notifications

In case e-mail is not the fastest way to rece­ive notifications, can notify you by sending an SMS to your mobile phone.

Tick the box when signing up.

Machine readable status reports

For a fast and simple import of com­pany data to your ERP or CRM system, machine readable status reports can be used. can create TSV status reports and send them on the day or time you need.

Machine readable status reports and the time of sending them are avai­la­ble on re­quest.

FAX notifications can also send you notifications by fax. An e-mail can be easily overlooked, but a fax message will get your attention.

FAX notifications are avai­la­ble on re­quest. is much cheaper

Other pro­vi­ders of busi­ne­ss registers charge a fee of cca 300 EUR per year per coun­try to access one coun­try register, and you need one for every coun­try. But most of us don't need data on a few 100.000 com­pa­nies, we usually need access to a few 10 or 100. If you want to monitor 100 com­pa­nies in 8 coun­tries with the use of busi­ne­ss registers (eg. Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Great Britain), you would pay at least 2.500 EUR per year.

With, you only pay 1/10 of that price, using a unified system.

No plan suits your needs? Check out our special packages or tell us what you need! is used by:

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