Diverse plans for a broad use

VATify.eu is used in different ways and offers a wide range of user plans: stan­dard for daily verifications and notifications, informative with weekly status reports and special purpuse packages.

Please note, all prices are without VAT. By default, 22% VAT is charged.

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Informative plans and pricing

For those who issue invoices once per month and don't need daily verifications, informative plan with weekly verifications and reports (XLSX datoteka) will be the right choice.

Freelance plan

The plan for people in creative sectors and freelancers.

We know you and your way of work. You work for a diverse range of clients with known (and sometimes unknown) busi­ne­ss history. You issue invoices at the end of the month or when the project finishes and you don't need addi­ti­o­nal notifications. Since you work so closely with your client, you would know something changed before any automated system can notify you. But it is also important for you, that your invoices are written without any silly errors that could cause a delay in payment.

For 7€ per month, VATify.eu will send you a status report every week with up to date com­pany details for 30 clients.

Superintendent plan

The plan for building superintendents and others managing multiple users

It is hard to keep track of all the tenants and changes in their busi­ne­ss operations. The VATify.eu system will up­date you weekly with correct details of your tenants, making your invoices correct and up-to-date.

For 20€ per month, VATify.eu will send you status reports every week with up to date com­pany details for 200 tenants.

SaaS plan

The plan for SaaS operators.

We also know you and your work. And we know your customers require invoices that are in accordance with their accounting stan­dards, despite receiving regular payments trough on-line payment services. VATify.eu can send you status reports in machine readable TSV format so you can import them directly to you in­for­ma­ti­on system.

For 50€ per month, you will rece­ive weekly status reports for up to 500 busi­ne­ss partners.

If you need to verify more than 500 customers, we will send you a personalized quote.

Special purpose packages

New prospects

Selling to newly established com­pa­nies?

If you are offering services to newly established com­pa­nies, VATify.eu can forward you a daily list of new com­pa­nies. Lists can be filtered by sector, com­pany type, location and other characteristics.

Daily lists are avai­la­ble for com­pa­nies from Slovenia and Norway.

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Mass verifications

Operating in a sector where direct mail is an important sales channel?

Sending direct mail is expensive and even a small percentage of wrong addresses can be costly. VATify.eu can easily verify thousands of addresses, returning clear and up-to-date lists, ready for further pro­ce­ssing or importing directly to your CRM system.

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Com­pany registers

Building a list of potential customers?

In case you are building a list of potential customers, VATify.eu can build it for you. Set the list of characteristics you are interested in and VATify.eu will send you a custom com­pany register.

Com­pany registers are avai­la­ble for Slovenia and Norway.

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