Covering over 30 coun­tries

VATify.eu verifies data for com­pa­nies from over 30 EU and non-EU coun­tries, using VAT In­for­ma­ti­on Exchange System (VIES) and coun­try's local services (services provided by specific coun­try's tax, customs and other financial and fiscal autho­ri­ties).


VATify.eu is completely automated: it sources the data from different websites and registries, checks for changes, up­dates the database and delivers notifications.

Discrete and effective alerts

To avoid spaming, reduce clutter and achieve greater awareness, VATify.eu's notifications are sent only when the system detects a change with a particular VAT ID you are tracking. To keep you up to date with your VAT IDs, a status report with all avai­la­ble data will be sent to you once per week. You can re­quest it at any time here.

Informative and easy to verify

Every VATify.eu notification includes a name, VAT ID and links to the data source for fast and easy revisions. By clicking the link and copying the VAT ID, you can check the reason why that particular VAT ID was listed.

SMS and Fax notifications

If you need faster notifications and e-mail is not the fastest for you VATify.eu can send notifications by SMS or even by Fax. A Fax can be considered an outdated technology, but it does get everyone's attention when it starts making noise.

Constant improvements

New features are added when­ever we find a new source of publicly avai­la­ble data that can be processed auto­ma­ti­cally. If you have any in­for­ma­ti­on or good ideas, please contact us.