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This web page is operated by KoMnA d.o.o., Prežganje 50, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. You can contact us by e-mail on:


KoMnA d.o.o. respects your right to privacy and strives for the highest po­ssi­ble level of securing personal data. While offering our web services, we are bound by laws and regulations that specify securing personal data, especially with the current ZVOP, ZEKom and the General Data Protection Regulation. This privacy policy informs you how your personal data is collected, how it is used, your rights regarding it's usage or storage and how to implement this rights.

KoMnA d.o.o. ensures the personal data you entrust us, will be used in accordance with this policy. Your personal data will not be sold or shared in any way with third parties, except if required by law.

Your personal data will be handled in confidence and used only for the purposes, for which it was given. In case we need to process your personal data for other purposes, you will be contacted for your permission.

Why personal data is collected

All personal data, collected on the website (or exchanged by other means), is used for basic busi­ne­ss processes by KoMnA d.o.o. and is used for the service.

Pro­ce­ssing of your personal data is necessary for basic service and is used when entering contractual relationship. If you do not want to share the required personal data, we can not offer you our services.

Basic data

With every visit to this web site, some data (time of access, IP address and browser type) is temporarily kept in the webserver logs. The logs can be accessed only by system administrators.

The data is not processed or linked to other personal data, but is needed to ensure correct and secure functioning of the website. We ensure this data will be kept private, except if required by law.

Free Trial

If you subscribe to a free trial, KoMnA d.o.o. will collect the following data (submitted by you):

  • E-mail address is used for communication, primarily for confirmation of your sign-up and to rece­ive daily and weekly reports.

  • List of tracked VAT IDs is used by to find and track com­pa­nies with this VAT IDs and to notify you in case of found changes.

Regular sub­scrip­ti­on

If you subscribe to one of the sub­scrip­ti­on plans, KoMnA d.o.o. collects, the following data (addi­ti­o­nal the data required for the free trial):

  • name and lastname,
  • com­pany title,
  • address,
  • phone number,
  • com­pany VAT ID and registration number.

The collected data is used solely for issuing do­cu­ments, accounting and communication with you. If po­ssi­ble, this in­for­ma­ti­on is kept separately from other data pro­ce­ssing systems.

Analyzing traffic

The website uses Google Analytics to count, differentiate and analyze user behavior, but only if you explicitly agree to it.

You can allow the usage here:    

In case you allow the usage of Google Analytics, some data of your visits of this web site and your user behavior will be processed by Google Inc. Their privacy policy is avai­la­ble on

About cookies:

Cookies are small text files, installed on your computer by the website and are used to identify you on your next visit. Their use is under complete control of the device you are using and can be changed by modifying privacy settings of your browser.

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