Com­pany data on busi­ne­sses in the Kingdom of Spain retrieves basic com­pany data from the VIES system. For Spanish com­pa­nies, the VAT ID can be verified.

Even though data on com­pa­nies from Spain is avail­able on VIES, the system is regularly overloaded during busi­ne­ss hours. Use to verify Spanish VAT IDs and schedule daily monitoring, or:

Notification samples

When a change with a particular com­pany is noted, a notification with registered changes will be sent to you. Once per week, sends a status report(XLSX file) with all avail­able data on com­pa­nies you are tracking.

Unique com­pany identifier

The VAT ID (Número de Identificación Fiscal - NIF) is used for unique identification of Spanish com­pa­nies. checks com­pa­nies using the VAT ID. Here is a list of valid number formats:

TypeNumber formatDescription
NIFESA12345678 or ESA1234567AFormat for busi­ne­sses is "ES" and a letter signifying com­pany type and 2 digits for region + 6 digits
NIFES12345678A or ES1234567AFormat for people is "ES" and 8 digits or 7 digits and a letter for foreign nationals

Covering more than 35 coun­tries verifies com­pa­nies in more than 35 coun­tries, EU and beyond - from Portugal in the west to Russia in the east and from Norway in the north to Cyprus and Israel in the south. coverage is constantly expanding and needs new data sources. Do you know any? is used by:

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