Testing the API offers a „demo“ API which can be used for testing during de­ve­lop­ment. To access the demo API, use slightly different URLs than the stan­dard: a demo/ path com­po­nent must be inserted after the top-level v1/.

For example, click here to search for data about a swiss com­pany:­try=Switzerland&identifier=CHE-109.409.488

The JSON response will contain the ID of a query that was just started, as well as an API endpoint URL that you should poll for results. Open this URL in your browser to check the query status and (if already avai­la­ble), obtain the resulting com­pany data.

Please note!

  • The demo API is absolutely free to use.

  • The demo API can be used without au­then­ti­ca­tion. You don't even need an API account. Your re­quests will work as if you had already au­then­ti­ca­ted and obtained the authorizing bearer token.

  • The demo API accepts HTTP GET re­quests where other methods, such as POST, would otherwise have been required. It also accepts query string parameters instead of a JSON-formatted re­quest body. This is to allow testing with only a web browser.

  • However, the demo API is limited to this demo list of com­pa­nies. Searching for any other busi­ne­ss ID will result in a NOT_FOUND status, indicating a non-existent com­pany.

  • Also, the demo API returns old/stale data which may have been collected many days ago.