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Get com­pany data in a few minutes.  Directly from offi­ci­al sources.

Pricing scheme for one-time checks (ex-vat)

Check 1—3 companies€ 1.99 per company
Check 4—10 companies€ 0.99 per company
Check 11—30 companies€ 0.49 per company
Check 31—100 companies€ 0.19 per company
More than 100 companies€ 0.09 per company

(max 30 com­pa­nies)

How does it work?

  • Imme­di­a­te­ly upon your re­quest, contacts vari­ous offi­ci­al autho­ri­ties and other data pro­vi­ders in search of current and up-to-date in­for­ma­ti­on about the com­pa­nies you specified.
  • Data re­trie­val and pro­ce­ssing take some time;  you may have to wait a few seconds (or minutes).
  • You are presented with a link to a MS Excel spread­sheet file that contains your com­pany data (see an example).

Note!  Express pro­ce­ssing time is limited and there may be addi­ti­o­nal data about some busi­ne­ss subjects in some coun­tries that only our stan­dard monitoring service is able to provide. See data sources for more in­for­ma­ti­on.

Make sure you've read and agreed to our terms of service.