Search the Swiss busi­ne­ss register

The Swiss Confederation is split into 26 cantons, each keeping its own busi­ne­ss register. VATify.eu verifies com­pany data in the com­pany registry of the Swiss statistics office (UID-Register). Retrieved data is comprised of the tax status of the com­pany, title and address, VAT ID and registration number and the status of the registration number.

Collection of addi­ti­o­nal in­for­ma­ti­on (shareholders, signatories) is planned for the future, retrieving it from canton registers.

Even though Switzerland is part of the Schengen Area, it is not part of the EU and data on Swiss com­pa­nies is not avail­able on VIES.Use VATify.eu to verify Swiss VAT IDs and schedule daily monitoring, or:

Notification samples

When a change with a particular com­pany is noted, a notification with registered changes will be sent to you. Once per week, VATify.eu sends a status report(XLSX file) with all avail­able data on com­pa­nies you are tracking.

Unique com­pany identifier

Swiss com­pa­nies are issued with registration numbers (BID) upon formation and registration in the offi­ci­al busi­ne­ss register. The swiss VAT ID is based on registration number with an added tag MwST, TVA or IVA, depending on the language used.

VATify.eu checks com­pa­nies using the swiss VAT number. Here is a list of valid VAT number formats:

LanguageNumber formatDescription
GermanCHE-123.456.789 MWST"CHE-" followed by 3 segments of 3 digits, seperated by ".", ending in "MwST"
FrenchCHE-123.456.789 TVA"CHE-" followed by 3 segments of 3 digits, seperated by ".", ending in "TVA"
ItalianCHE-123.456.789 IVA"CHE-" followed by 3 segments of 3 digits, seperated by ".", ending in "IVA"

Download full com­pany register

Do you need access to a full com­pany register?

VATify.eu enables the purchase of full com­pany registers for certain coun­tries, including Switzerland. The data is stan­dardised and is avail­able in TSV or XLSX formats.

The Swiss com­pany register is up­dated regularly and is __avail­able for download. It consists of cca. 1.2 million com­pa­nies, a sample with 500 com­pa­nies is avail­able here.

Covering more than 35 coun­tries

VATify.eu verifies com­pa­nies in more than 35 coun­tries, EU and beyond - from Portugal in the west to Russia in the east and from Norway in the north to Cyprus and Israel in the south. 

VATify.eu coverage is constantly expanding and needs new data sources. Do you know any?

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